The objective of PV OpMaat is to realise a self-improving chain for the development, manufacture and application of building elements based on integrated customised thin film PV. This commercial chain will comprise, for the most part, parties established in the Eindhoven-Louvain-Aachen (ELAT) region.

In cooperation with private and public parties from this chain, several tangible demonstrators will be developed based on independent research. They will demonstrate which specific demands and wishes from the constructional application can be realised and, in doing so, accelerate the development of new products. These demonstrators are also a medium to provide direction and focus for research into new methods for the manufacture, integration and determination of the performance and economic life-span of PV.

The project is accelerated through learning from the current installation practice based on already available (thin film) PV panels and through improved harmonisation between demand from the construction industry, manufacturers of integrated building elements and technology suppliers for customised thin film PV. The impact is also enlarged, through which both regional commerce and expansion of building integrated sustainable energy generation is stimulated.

Three types of demonstrators will be realised for innovative PV integrated building elements:

  • Building integrated, transparent PV-glass panels;
  • Integrated building elements with customised PV including electronics;
  • Coloured PV panels.

A more generic objective is the research to develop product focused business cases in which the public-private partnership around Solliance, SEAC and EnergyVille will be deployed to generate commerce within its own programme area and to contribute to the broader application of sustainable energy generation in the built environment.