Work package 2 comprising the communication activities of PV OpMaat; coordinated by TNO and EG Media.

Objectives work package
Objectives of work package 2 are:

1. Transfer and dissemination of knowledge, which will take place through:

  • seminars and congresses;
  • publications in scientific magazines, professional publications and media for the general public.

2. Improving communication along the chain, which will take place through:

  • workshops to create a dialogue between parties active in research, development and manufacturing of PV with parties active in research, development and application in the construction industry;
  • collaboration with other initiatives especially based on the roadmap for building-integrated PV (BIPV);
  • publications in industry magazines, bringing other fields in the chain up-to-speed on developments;
  • communication focused on completed and to be completed demonstrators;
  • presentations for specific target groups, through guest colloquia, professional groups and informative meetings.

3. Profiling the following matters:

  • the regional knowledge and activities at an international level through presence at events and in (multi-)media;
  • (thin film) PV in general and for building integration in particular.

4. Promotion of organisations that support the project:

  • promotion in buildings and publications;
  • flyers and handouts, banners for project presentations.