In work package 5 the finished elements from work package 4 will be tested outdoors in a carefully controlled research environment (coordinated by Zuyd University).

Both energy yield and constructional characteristics of the elements will be monitored. In addition, for the duration of the project, monitoring and evaluation will be performed at various test locations and at private and commercial installations.

Objectives  work package:
The objectives of work package 5 are:

  • development of a set of requirements and pre-limiting conditions for efficient installation of constructional elements with integrated PV (optimisation kilowatt hour yield and reduction in installation costs);
  • demonstrator of integrated non-transparent PV in constructional elements;
  • demonstrator of integrated semi-transparent PV in constructional elements;
  • demonstrator of integrated coloured PV in constructional elements;
  • realisation of an outdoor demonstrator in building project and/or testbed based on   integrated constructional components, utilising dimensioned thin film PV;
  • performance measurements of building integrated thin film PV systems under Dutch and Belgian practical conditions;
  • introduction of this building demonstrator for evaluation and testing in work package 6 ‘Reliability and economic life-span’.